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Andy Robertson Believes Liverpool Were ‘Ruthless’ Against Manchester United

And he looks forward to seeing Adam Lallana at Anfield this weekend.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Andy Robertson was heard revving up the squad during the Manchester United game, asking them to be ruthless, and keep going. And he enjoyed the result very much.

“It was enjoyable and Sunday night was a good one, slept easier and everything like that and not many regrets lying in bed about the game, which is always good”, he said.

But they didn’t allow their euphoria to carry on indefinitely.

“Straight after the game we were very much, ‘Let our fans enjoy this one, let them have the bragging rights and everything that goes along with it.’ But for us, we were fully focused on the next game. That’s what’s worked best for us in the last five, six years under this manager and that’s what will continue to work well for us”, he added.

His mid-game encouragement to “keep going” had a clear goal: getting a clean sheet.

“Obviously when you get to 3-0, 4-0, in fact the clean sheet then becomes unbelievably important. Alisson would have never forgiven us if we’d never kept one, and same [with] the defence.

The lads up top had their fun and got their goals but we needed their help for us to be satisfied with a clean sheet, which we managed to do. But it’s also, ‘Don’t stop doing what you’re so good at, don’t stop going forward.”

And he’s looking forward to facing Adam Lallan at Anfield when Liverpool play Brighton in the Premier League tomorrow.

“We know how good Adam Lallana is as a player and we know how good he can handle the ball. He’s one of their main men and a close friend of all of us. I hope he gets a good reception at Anfield but hopefully we’ve done our job first and hopefully we’ve won the game when he does get that good reception because he certainly enjoyed his win at Anfield last season, and rightly so.”

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