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Klopp Talk: “The Decision Making Was Not That Good”

Jurgen Klopp was less than impressed with his team’s ability to pick the final pass or get anything on frame

Southampton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Adam Davy - Pool/Getty Images

After a dismal end to 2020, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was hoping for a fresh start in 2021. Instead, what he got was one of Liverpool’s worst starts to a match, and a continuance of poor finishing that has plagued the team since they scored 7 against Chrystal Palace.

“We had a bad start in the game, we played completely into Southampton’s hands and gave the game away, we have to admit now, in the first few minutes because after that we were not calm enough to create the opportunities to turn it around,” said Klopp.

“The first half was massively influenced by the start, but with the break it meant we could settle it a little bit. Then we were dominant in the right areas, had the moments but then the decision-making was not that good. The last pass, we missed the last pass. I heard now we only had one shot on target; we had a lot of shots next to the target which we did not finish, but even with them we probably did not have enough for the moments we had. Our fault, my responsibility and that’s it.”

While Klopp was frustrated with his team’s inability to convert, he did make sure to provide some praise for Southampton.

“Southampton deserved it, they fought, they ran their socks off with all they had. They missed a lot of players and did really, really, really well and that’s clear. But I am mostly concerned about our game and I didn’t like that too much.”

Jurgen Klopp now has almost two weeks to get his team rested and ready to take on penalty merchants Manchester United.

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