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Jürgen Klopp Hails “A Great Game” As Liverpool Beat Tottenham

Liverpool won a football match. Huh.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Well that’s more like it.

Liverpool went to Tottenham and just dominated. Roberto Firmino’s goal just before half time was doubled by Trent Alexander-Arnold, and a Spurs long range strike from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg didn’t matter too much once Sadio Mane made it three.

The Liverpool manager seemed thrilled.

“I am delighted – it was a great game”, BBC Sport report Jürgen Klopp as saying. “Super intensity as we predicted. We scored the goals in the right moments, the right people scored the goals, so all good apart from their goal.

“What I saw today it’s not about shape or form it’s about who we are. That was us. Second half especially it was us, it was a massive fight. I don’t remember that Spurs had a lot of the ball but we defended it very well. A good performance and I saw a lot of things I wanted to see.

“You cannot really be sure that you will score goals like this in the second half because they made two changes but offensively we coped well with their formation. We played in between the lines and were so often around the box, the counter press was really good, we were high enough defensively but not crazy high.

“The mix of the potential of the attitude and the calmness in a really hectic game, being patient enough to play against a side which is a really counter attacking side, this threat hangs above you.

“But well protected, play proper football. The main difference is we score the goals, that helps not only for results but the momentum in the game.

“We missed massive chances against Burnley, tonight we knocked a wall down - that’s good. It is easier to lose (confidence) that’s how it is, but it is possible to get it back as well. It is not a light you can switch on and off. You have to show it in the right moment. The first chance Sadio Mane had for us, but we stayed on track and stayed positive. That is good and important.”

Look, Liverpool won. Liverpool played like themselves. This is much more pleasing. Keep it up.

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