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Klopp Talk: We’ll Take the Goals

It’s honestly just good to see that we still remember how to score.

Manchester United v Liverpool: The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

So we’re out of the FA Cup. Is that really that big a deal when our forwards have remembered how to find the back of the net again? The fact that defensive errors continued, and resulted in, three United goals is surely secondary to the fact that our attack looked alive and able to actually finish. The boss—who has at this point had a very hard start to the year—is being pragmatic about it all.

“Of course, of course we take that,” Klopp told the club’s website when asked how it felt to (finally) score twice. “We scored two goals, we had other situations where we could have scored as well. We had other situations where we created really well against a deep-defending block, so that is good.”

Both goals came from Mohamed Salah, but Firmino deserves equal credit for his role creating Salah’s first.

“There were a lot of good things but it’s a result game and we need results,” Klopp added. “If we scored two then that should not then mean we concede three. There were obvious mistakes around the goals: the first, protecting, the second, a mishit of the ball and the third, your colleagues told me now it was not a foul. I didn’t see it so I cannot change that, but the free-kick they got, the journalist said it might not be a foul but I didn’t see it back. That’s how it is, you have to stay stubborn in moments like this. You have to do the right stuff again and again and we will. If you want to change something you have to work hard and that’s what we will do.”

This obviously isn’t going to be Liverpool’s season and given what the Reds are working with, that’s more than understandable. Focusing on slowly recovering from injuries and the breathtaking pace that the FA have set should take priority. But in the meantime, if we could beat Spurs on Thursday, that obviously wouldn’t hurt.

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