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James Milner Gets Philosophical About the Team’s Poor Run

Milner hopes the Reds can rebound against Manchester United.

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Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

There’s no one in Liverpool land who is pleased right now, except maybe the KloppOut or FSGOut bozos. James Milner is no exception, but the veteran player has had his share of good times and bad times on the pitch, and he has a measured outlook to the Reds’ current situation.

“Football is like that – there’s peaks and troughs. Nothing is ever easy and smooth. It seems easy sometimes when things are going well and you’re flying,” he mused.

“When you’re in tougher times the ball seems to not quite go in the goal or drop to players in the six-yard box. A lot of the time that’s just how you think of it mentally. ‘Here we go again’ if things aren’t going well. But you look at the positive side if things are going well.

“The thing about football is you get no favours, no-one is going to make it easier for you. It’s down to us to pull ourselves out of this run we’re in and it comes down on our responsibility and our shoulders.”

Liverpool have yet another game against Manchester United to play, this one in the FA Cup. Back-to-back league titles may be out of reach, but winning another trophy to add to the pile would certainly go a long way towards redeeming a pretty disappointing season.

Milner agrees, saying that Sunday’s match is a great opportunity for the team to pull themselves out of the rut they’re in.

“It’s always special when you win any trophy and the FA Cup is a special competition,” Milner said. “The success we’ve had over recent years, we’ve managed to change that wall at the training ground and at Anfield with the number of trophies we’ve won. That’s always special and a big motivation. For a club as successful as Liverpool you want to keep adding to that.”

Advancement in the competition and beating United would be a nice double-win for the Reds. Hopefully they can find the back of the net on Sunday to make it happen.

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