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Thiago: “We Have to Do Much Better”

The 0-0 result wasn’t exactly what title dreams are made of.

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Paul Ellis - Pool/Getty Images

After another frustrating match that ended with only a single point, Liverpool have a fair bit of work to do to figure out how to get back on top of the league. Today’s performances weren’t terrible, but the lack of finishing and the lack of goals was frustrating to say the least. In his Anfield debut, Thiago Alcantara was one of the few consistent pleasures to watch this game, and he took a moment after the game to speak with the club’s site.

“Without winning, we are never satisfied,” Thiago said. “We made a superb first half, then the second half was 50-50. We are happy in some way with our performance – how we did in some moments of the game – but we have to do much better to be on top of the league.”

Liverpool are currently 4th in the league and—unfortunately—have been overtaken by Manchester City as favourites to win the league. That said, nothing is set in stone (especially this season), and there’s always the chance that the Reds will turn things around.

“We were intense, we were creating the chances that made us closer to winning,” Thiago added when asked about whether or not the team were disappointed by the result. “When we didn’t realise and didn’t make the goals, we’re just getting our self-confidence a bit down and that’s why the game changed a bit. At the end, it’s football and in some minutes of the game you are in high emotions and sometimes you are low – it’s part of the game.”

But Thiago thinks it’s a matter of time before the team starts scoring again.

“We have Div, we have Shaq, we have Taki, we have many players that can score, people in the midfield that can score as well, people from the defence can score,” he said. “It’s a matter of creating the chances that we are creating to be effective.”

Hopefully we’ll see some of those goals against Burnley this Thursday.

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