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James Milner Thought Teammate Was Behind Parody Twitter Account

He’s since proven himself a deft hand at social—but before joining the fray, Milner thought a teammate was behind the Boring Milner parody.

Liverpool FC Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

James Milner has become one of Liverpool’s social media stars over the past few years, his at times understated sense of humour shining through on Twitter and in videos produced by the club that often pair him with teammate Andy Robertson.

Before there was any official James Milner presence on social channels, though, there was a parody account. Before actual James Milner, there was Boring James Milner, one of football Twitter’s most fondly followed parody accounts for a number of years.

And as it turns out, Milner had some thoughts on it—mostly concerning who he thought was likely behind it. Namely Manchester City teammate Micah Richards, who reminisced about their time together at City in his BBC column this week.

“Milly obviously has this tag of being dull or quiet,” Richards said. “But he has got plenty of banter. He is super intelligent and very sharp, and rips into you in a very dry way that would always crack me up. It was hard to get the better of him.

“So when someone started up the “Boring James Milner” Twitter account when we were at City, everyone thought it was me behind it. Whoever it was, they were only following me and a couple of others at the time so I was the prime suspect.

“Whenever a new post went up he would say. ‘Mate, you’ve had your fun, stop it now.’ I’d be going, “I swear, Milly, it’s not me!” but he wouldn’t believe me. I ended up messaging the guy behind it. I just told him, ‘Keep it up, it is unbelievable.’”

We may never know who actually was behind Boring Milner, and Milner’s subsequent social media rise has made it rather redundant, but it’s fun to learn of just how aware Milner was of it all along—and who he thought was behind it.

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