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Gini Wijnaldum Wants To Win the FA Cup (and Everything Else)

He also discussed the team’s thought process in the FA Cup game against Aston Villa.

Aston Villa v Liverpool - FA Cup Third Round Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Disclaimer: If you’re looking for the word that rhymes with schmontract, it’s not here, but it’s still nice to hear the lovely Georginio Wijnaldum’s thoughts on the game, so stay with us.

Wijnaldum scored in the 60th minute in Liverpool’s FA Cup tie against Aston Villa. And he emphasized his desire to see the tournament through all the way to the end.

“We said at the beginning of the season that we wanted to play for everything,” Wijnaldum said.

“Of course it’s difficult to play everything with your strongest team because during the season you play so many games, especially now, and you have to rotate a lot.

“But I think we did well [against Villa] and hopefully we can do well in the next round because this is a competition we also want to win. We have won a lot but the FA Cup we haven’t won, so we want to do it.”

He also discussed how the game was tricky since Villa played like they had nothing to lose.

“It is difficult… it’s a really difficult match to play because everyone from outside just expects us to win this game with a lot of goals,” he said.

“That’s not that easy and also because you are playing against a team that has nothing to lose and are just going to give it everything, they have to make it as difficult as possible for us.

“We are aware we played against an U23s side but it is a difficult one. I think everyone in our team preferred to play their first team but because of the circumstances it was not possible.”

On Liverpool’s lack of goals in the two previous games, he said, “You know these things can happen. I think it was more the case that we didn’t create a lot of chances than scoring goals, because I think everyone – and also we are – is used to us scoring a lot of goals and used to us creating a lot of chances.

“But football is changing, teams are changing, teams are getting better, teams are analysing us so they also know our strengths and they have a game-plan. We just have to make sure that even if they have a game-plan we are still able to create chances, so those things can happen.

“Everyone is used to seeing us creating a lot of chances and scoring a lot of goals, especially also because against Crystal Palace we scored seven goals, so it’s quite normal for people.

“But we don’t play against teams who are bad. We play against teams who are good and like I said they analyse us and it’s even more difficult than the years before, so those things just happen and we’ve just got to make sure we can change the game.”

He emphasized that the team stayed calm when Villa equalized.

“We said we shouldn’t go crazy and shouldn’t lose confidence because for the first half an hour we did quite well and created chances but we didn’t score them. After that the counter-press was not that good so I think it was a deserved goal from them because we didn’t defend it well.

“That’s what you get in football, because when you don’t defend well then the other team, especially with their quality, can create chances and that’s what happened and they scored a goal.

“There’s a lot of things that can happen against any team so that’s what we said at half-time and we just changed a few things around.”

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