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Jürgen Klopp Praises Mohamed Salah Yet Again: “Exceptional Player”

He remains good at football.

Liverpool v Leeds United - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Mo Salah scored three goals in the first game of the season and he looks like he’s in the zone.

It’s strange that it’s felt Sadio Mané has eclipsed him at times in the last year or so. He’s Salah! He’s always so good! He just doesn’t let up. The Liverpool manager certainly thinks so.

“The numbers are incredible,” said Klopp to the Liverpool Echo. “If you saw the game (against Leeds), people will say two goals were penalties, but it was a three-goal performance from Mo, if not more.

“Liverpool supporters know exactly what we have with him. I heard something Virgil (van Dijk) say ‘it’s not us, it’s you’ (when asked if Salah was taken for granted). In the team, absolutely 100% not.

“The story this team has written together is because they constantly push each other. They like playing together and like each other.

“I don’t actually know how the public sees Mo Salah. There are obviously different views, but I don’t know for sure.

“There are not a lot of strikers across the world with the numbers of Mo after more than three years at the same club. Exceptional numbers, exceptional guy, exceptional player.

“Mo has done that on his own, he deserves credit for that,” said the Reds boss. “We do a lot of things to help him be the player he can be, as a team, and he knows that.

“But apart from that, you need to have a specific personality to invest so much. He’s not the only one in the squad doing it, but he’s doing it as well.

“If you score more than 40 goals in your first season, quite a few players would say ‘that was nice, now let’s think about how we can make life away from the football pitch even more beautiful’. He’s exactly the opposite.

“He stayed very determined, his work-rate around games is exceptional. He is super professional, that’s the truth.

“If you could write a book about how to stay successful, the training he is doing and we are doing in between the games is one key. All players do what you tell them, but it’s about how important you see it yourself. That gives you a completely different mindset. You want to be on top of your own potential. That’s what he has been.”

Mohamed Salah: good at football. Scores goals. More on this as we get it.

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