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Jürgen Klopp Signs Adidas Endorsement Deal


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Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Since he signed on to manage Liverpool, the famously casual Jürgen Klopp has typically prowled the touchline decked out in New Balance gear. Training tops, track pants, snoods, shoes. All sporting the brand of Liverpool’s official kit manufacturer.

The assumption for most, then, will have been that with the club having moved to Nike this summer, Klopp would simply be swapping out his New Balance athleisure gear for Nike offerings. The assumption, though, turns out to have been entirely wrong.

Instead, as reported today by The Telegraph, Klopp has agreed a personal endorsement deal with rival manufacturer Adidas to coincide with the Reds switching to Nike. With, you know, feels a little bit awkward. And could mean changes for Klopp.

Certainly it means the Liverpool manager will be wearing Adidas sneakers from now on. Less clear is how the German will adjust the rest of his sartorial selections, as the sort of official club gear he has typically worn will all be Nike branded.

One certainly imagines, though, that as a new face for Adidas—and only the second manager to agree a long-term endorsement deal with a major manufacturer following Jose Mourinho—he won’t be wearing training jackets adorned by the swoosh.

Whether that means he’ll now be wearing Adidas jackets and track pants on the touchline—or whether the club’s deal with Nike would even allow that—or be switching over to non-branded club items from now on, we’ll have to wait and see.

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