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Rumour Mongering: Yet More Thiago Talk

Either it’s happening or it isn’t, or it’s maybe happening, or something else entirely.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Cycling Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Yeah, him again.

This is one where I really miss the days when transfers would just happen out of nowhere. “Liverpool sign Thiago!”, we’d read one day. Or maybe we wouldn’t and we never even know the club wanted him. Simpler times.

Anyway... we’re probably interested in him and it’s either very advanced or not advanced at all.

James Pearce of The Athletic stated that his “info remains that there have been no talks between the two clubs yet”. Furthermore, Pearce believes that Liverpool “are only likely to strengthen in that department if a centre midfielder was to move on”.

The camera pans to a certain Dutchman with an eye on Barcelona.

That’s the view from people connected to Liverpool, at least. But they’re boring. The exciting bits of this transfer story have come from Europe, with sources connected to the player and Bayern. And what do they say?

Fabrizio Romano claims that Thiago “strongly wants to move to Premier League this summer”. The Reds “are still in contact with him but Bayern told again 2 days ago they’re going to sell Thiago only for €30m.

“Jürgen Klopp wants Thiago too. It’s up to the clubs.”

So here’s where we are with this: it seems like Liverpool have been sniffing around Thiago all summer but it’s only happening if a midfield spot opens up this summer. Barcelona might be interested in Gini Wijnaldum but honestly, who even knows what’s happening at that silly club. So we wait.

And wait. And wait. Because there aren’t any other good transfer stories to talk about.

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