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Curtis Jones Talks About His Excellent, Terrific, Perfect Week

I guess it’s been okay, all things considered.

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Liverpool FC v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Paul Ellis/Pool via Getty Images

If you, like me, barely watched most of this weekend’s game but managed to look up just in time to watch the two excellent goals, you’re probably quite pleased with life and football right now. You’re probably not as pleased with life and football as small child and Scouser, Curtis Jones, though. Jones, who scored the second goal in Sunday’s match started off the weekend signing a long-term contract with his boyhood club.

“They could call it perfect,” Jones told the club’s official website when asked about just how good the last few days had been for him. “But, for me, I’m just grateful for the manager and the rest of the staff for having the belief in me and putting me out there when it was only 1-0 and Villa were playing well. I’m grateful for that but it’s been a good week.”

“He [Klopp] was just saying the usual, he knows that I’m good on the ball but it’s about picking the right pass and knowing when to dribble. He said the game was a bit Villa were on the attack and then we were on the attack, just to try and get a hold of the game by the scruff of the neck and control the game a bit more.”

“That’s what I tried to do and hopefully the goal helped.”

The goal more than helped, especially after a particularly dismal showing from several players for the majority of the game. Not just because the safety of a two-goal lead is always something we look for, but also because it’s a good reminder for us all that the Academy (and our bench) are full of extremely good players that we can rely on as we push for title after title.

Liverpool will play Brighton & Hove Albion next Wednesday. We can only hope that whatever isn’t connecting between certain players get fixed by then.

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