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Trent Alexander-Arnold Revels in Dream Premier League Win

The modest hometown hero reflects on an historic season.

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Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Lifting the Premier League trophy must be special. Putting an end to your club’s 30 year title drought must be even more so. But doing all that with your hometown club and cementing yourself in the hearts of all your neighbors must be something else altogether.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has had a meteoric rise at Liverpool and in the regards of football fans everywhere over the last two seasons. His performances are consistently excellent, and he’s somehow breaking records that he himself had previously set. The man with the mural in the middle of the city is only 21-years-old, and he already has Champions League and Premier League titles under his belt.

Looking back on this exciting, if unusual, season, Alexander-Arnold went on at length about his pride in the club and his teammates who all came together to make this happen.

“It’s a proud moment. It’s not just me who has done it, it’s the whole team. I can’t sit here and say that I feel like I’ve done more than others, because I haven’t,” he said.

“It’s the full squad, staff and everyone’s effort: the whole club has pulled together to be able to achieve these things with the fans, the staff, the players, the coaches, the manager - everyone has pulled together, everyone wants to achieve this. We’ve waited so long and we’ve been able to do it.

“Like I said, that’s down to the whole club, the way it’s run and the way we believe our beliefs. I think it’s what we deserve and it’s something we set out to achieve probably last season but we weren’t able to do it.”

Making this extra special is the fact that the Reds came so close to the peak last season, putting together an impressive 97 points in the season. Alexander-Arnold believes that their perseverance is what made them push through, do better, and finally come away with the victory that had alluded them for so long.

“We showed that a knockback like not winning it last season would just motivate us to go again this season and be able to achieve amazing things, like we have done.

“We’re really proud as a team and I’m proud to be able to see everyone in the city so happy - well, all the Liverpool fans obviously! It’s a proud moment for the club.”

Trent’s future is bright, and everyone who has watched him grow over the years looks forward to seeing him break even more of his own records in the seasons to come.

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