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Official: Liverpool Update Champions Wall With Number Nineteen

We’ve won the league nineteen times now. That’s a lot of times.


Ever since it became clear Liverpool would win the Premier League, their first top flight title in three decades and first since the Premier League was formed, one question has obsessed fans, rivals, and casual football fans alike.

Namely, how would they update the trophy wall?

Well, maybe obsessed is too strong a word. Still, given that the last time the Reds won it it was the first division and the trophy looked a lot different, there were questions.

There were also rumours about arguments within the club about how they should go about it. Should the new trophy replace the old one or should the two be superimposed in some way? There were even said to be disagreements over whether it should be displayed as 19 or 18+1 league titles, even if we found that rumoured discussion a little odd if we’re being honest.

Now, though, we know: the club have smartly gone the obvious route of putting 19 league titles and fitting both the old and new trophies on alongside each other. It’s pretty cool.

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