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Jürgen Klopp on Liverpool’s Premier League Title Celebrations: We Had to Earn That

You certainly earned it, Jürgen.

Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Paul Ellis/Pool via Getty Images

Liverpool won the league, but that was basically done ages ago.

Tonight was when they finally, finally, finally lifted the trophy.

It will go down as a bit of a strange day. A mad 5-3 win over Chelsea followed by a trophy lift without any fans that’s unlikely to be forgotten. Jürgen Klopp was, quite obviously, enjoying himself.

“It’s a great moment. It’s all about consistency. We had to earn that, it’s all about staying greedy”, Klopp told Sky Sports, as reported by BBC Sport.

“I can say in a pre-match meeting whatever I want - ‘you want to win you have to work hard, Chelsea are too good’. I’m surprised myself, how can you put in a shift like that when you’re thinking ‘I want to be fine afterwards’.

“I was angry during the game and it was my plan not to be angry. I had a fight with Frank Lampard and stuff like this. You don’t plan for this.

“We are champions - it’s the truth. We won four trophies, big ones. I couldn’t be more proud. Usually I don’t need pictures with something but I will have a picture with all four trophies, it doesn’t happen too often.”

Speaking directly to Liverpool supporters, the manager added that “If you don’t see that we do it for you I can’t help you. You made us happy, we all should celebrate at home. Prepare for a party and when this bulls**t virus has gone we will have a party.”

You can bet on that, Jürgen. We’ve all been there in spirit tonight. As soon as there’s a date, you can expect as many as humanly possible to be there in body as well.

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