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Liverpool Launches Partnership with The Liverpool Offside’s Second Favourite Country

The club have partnered with Mauritius’ tourism and development board.

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Daily Life In Mauritius Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

We’ll be the first ones to admit we don’t actually know a great deal about Mauritius. We know that it’s a small island nation east of Madagascar, that its capital is Port Louis, and that its population is a mere 1,265,475 people.

We know that the weather averages a balmy 27 degrees in the coolest month, July, and gets up near 32 on average from January through to March—which are also Mauritius’ rainiest months, relatively, with 27 days of rain on average during those three months.

It’s the only Hindu country in Africa, and its population is predominantly multilingual with most residents speaking a French-derived creole as well as French and English, the later of which is the language of governance.

Also, we know there are a lot of Liverpool fans in Mauritius. We know this because out of all the countries in the world that send a significant number of readers here to The Liverpool Offside, Mauritius ranks number two per capita.

Which maybe helps to make sense of why the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Economic Development Board signed on as the latest global partner of Liverpool Football Club today. And also why we’re choosing to talk about it.

The UK, USA, and Singapore—a top overall traffic driver and our top per capita source of readers—lead the way for us, with South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and India rounding out the top ten, but Mauritius isn’t far behind.

With a population of 1,265,475. About one in every 200 of whom has read TLO. So. There’s a lot of Liverpool fans there. Which is cool because when you think of places with lots of Liverpool fans, we’re guessing you don’t think Mauritius.

But now maybe you will. Which is probably why their tourism and economic development board decided to sign on as the club’s latest global partner.

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