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Van Dijk Takes Responsibility For His Error

An uncharacteristic loss of concentration from the acting captain cost Liverpool a goal against Arsenal.

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Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Paul Childs/Pool via Getty Images

Wednesday was a great day in Liverpool country. It’s rare these days to see the Reds give up a lead the way that they did at the Emirates against Arsenal. Even more rare is seeing defensive dynamo Virgil van Dijk make the crucial error that gave away the first of two goals on the night.

Yes, Liverpool have already won the league, so the stakes weren’t sky high, but losing is never fun, especially when it’s to a top six rival, and especially especially when the loss comes after having the lead.

But van Dijk is a professional, and after the game, he was willing to own up to his mistake.

“If you watched the game then you can see that until I made a mistake, there was nothing wrong,” van Dijk said. “We played well, I had a feeling we could win here comfortably at one point, but obviously if you give them the goals you see what happens.

“Unfortunately I made the mistake, I take the blame for it of course. I take it as a man and we move on.

“We’ll try to win the last two games and get a well-deserved break, but we don’t need to forget that we had a fantastic season already.”

Their chance to break more records has fallen through their fingers, but that just means they have something to strive for next season. There are two more games remaining in this season, and Liverpool still haven’t had the pleasure of raising the trophy they won last month. There’s plenty to look forward to, even as the season winds down and only thing left to play for is pride.

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