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Neco Williams Discusses His Fast Rise at Liverpool

He’s been a real positive of the restart period.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Robin Jones/Getty Images

Liverpool have been a little, well, erratic since football returned.

Yes, the league title was won and that was wonderful. It’s ultimately all that matters. Which is good because the actual football has been all over the place.

One clear positive, though has been the emergence of Neco Williams. He’s a little rough around the edges, but he’s obviously a talented kid who we should surely expect to see more of next season.

He discussed his evolution recently, and particularly his move to right back from playing higher up the pitch.

“I think it’s worked out quite good for me because when I was little I used to be an attacking player,” the Liverpool Echo report Williams as saying.

“I used to play on the wing or as a striker. Over the years I’ve developed and become a right-back, which has worked out very well for me with the way the game is now.

“Full-backs now are more attacking and at a club like Liverpool, with the way the boss wants us to play, have to be able to attack, so it’s a massive opportunity for me.”

“When I was in the Academy and training with the U23s I was staying back for 10 minutes after training, most days, and just working on my crossing.

“I’d try crossing from different positions to work on my technique. I’d do this most days a week and keep practising so I could master it because, for me, an assist is just as important as a goal.

“Someone who helped me with this a lot was Rob Jones. After most sessions he would stay back with me, play the ball to me and I’d whip it in.

“It was great to have Rob working with me because of the legend that he is. To have him standing by me, and encouraging me as a player, was a massive help.”

Neco Williams is good. Neco Williams is raw. It’d be a problem, but we’ve just won the league, so I literally cannot be mad about anything happening on the pitch.

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