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Klopp Talk: Liverpool Not Yet “at the Pinnacle”

After winning the league, the Liverpool manager says he wants to see even more from his players next season.

Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Liverpool won 97 points last season along with their sixth European Cup. This season, an unchanged side has secured the Premier League title—the club’s first in three decades—with seven games to play and the domestic points record within reach.

Despite that, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp insists that there is more to come from this side, this group of players. He insists what they have achieved over the past two seasons is not the end point of their development—it’s still just the beginning.

“When you think that you’ve reached the pinnacle then you are already on the way down,” Klopp said ahead of Liverpool’s match against Manchester City that will see last year’s title holders and manager Pep Guardiola give the Reds a guard of honour.

“That is what I have learned. But I don’t feel that. This is not the only thing that I want to talk about with the boys in 20 years time. We must never stop wanting it. We must stay humble and greedy and that will always make us an uncomfortable opponent.”

Under other circumstances it might have been expected Klopp and the club would look to strengthen this summer—to rejuvenate a side that has played a lot of football over the past few years and that is now trending towards the end of their prime years.

This summer, though, with coronavirus leaving clubs uncertain of the short- to medium-term financial situation, it is likely that this group will be given another chance, largely unchanged, to make and even bigger mark on the club’s history.

It will be a challenge, and they will have to find ways to evolve without big new signings, but if they can carry their form into a third consecutive season and win more silverware there will be no doubts this group is amongst the game’s all-time greats.

“We must stay clear,” Klopp added. “Life is constantly a challenge and so ours is now to be a champion against teams that are fighting for everything, and then next season we won’t defend, we attack.”

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