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English Transfer Window Expected to Run From August to October

The league and FA are eyeing a two-month window following the conclusion of the 2019-20 season.

Premier League Logo With Club Shirts Photo by Visionhaus

As of today, the transfer window in England is still set to open on June 18th, one day Aston Villa vs Sheffield and Manchester City vs. Arsenal kick off the restart of the 2019-20 season after a three month pause due to coronavirus.

That date was never going to stand; was always going to be pushed until after the current season was completed. The only real question was over the specifics. And today, it appears the league and FA will move to open the window in August.

According to Sky Sports, football authorities in England are in consultation with their European counterparts and a broad consensus has emerged concerning a close date that would be on or around the first weekend of October.

Meanwhile, for England, the window would be opened as soon as possible following the conclusion of the current season, likely the first week of August. The result would be for clubs to get around two months to do their business.

That window would cover the expected, roughly one-month offseason, and then remain active during the first month of the 2020-21 season, which is tentatively planned to begin early in September if things go to plan between now and then.

As clubs are only able to register new players while the transfer window is active, once the window is officially shifted it will confirm that Premier League sides must complete the season with the players they had when coronavirus hit.

Elsewhere, with the season abandoned in France the transfer window there has already been opened, while Italy have set their window to run from September 1st to October 5th. Other major federations have yet to finalise their plans.

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