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“Here is Quality”: Dejan Lovren on His Star Struck Return to Liverpool Training

Let these musings from Lovren really take you away.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Full training has returned to Melwood but, due to health and safety measures, sessions at Liverpool’s complex are far from back-to-normal. Dejan Lovren described how the players are forced to take the long way around getting back to their cars. Sorry, Lovsie.

He went on to suggest a way for Liverpool supporters to send the team their shouts of joy during matches. This would presumably be done in a magical way or sent digitally to either the stadium’s speaker system or perhaps an ear piece that players would be wearing. He’s an entrepreneur. Deal with it.

“We have different paths now, where to go, how you come in and it’s not the easiest way,” said Lovren.

“But we are respecting all the rules from the Premier League and the government.

“Everybody is safe – this is the main thing. Hopefully everything will be [normal] soon and then we have our normal life back.

“I wish everyone could have a sound at home and scream through it so we can hear it just to feel this passion!

“We will miss it but we are getting prepared to work for that and to be prepared that when some moments will be hard, we should think about our fans who are sitting at home and cheering about us.”

Lovren said the squad is performing very well despite everyone training at home for the last couple of months. As a people person, Degsie was happy to be back amongst familiar friends but he obviously returned having completely forgotten about a few of his teammates during the quarantine.

“It’s great. When we came back all together, it was like, ‘Wow, how many players we have.’

“When you look at all the faces, it’s like, ‘Here is quality.’

“The other day we played and it was great to see some players in good shape after such a long time not playing.

“Then you come back and you’re like, ‘My God, we need to really work even harder for a spot.’”

As Jürgen Klopp’s fourth choice centre-back, Lovren doesn’t see as much action as Virgil Van Dijk, Joël Matip and Joe Gomez, but he’s likely to have an eventful run through the remaining games. Liverpool can win the Premier League with two more victories. After that, more winning will matter but I can see Klopp getting lesser-seen guys onto the pitch when he can.

Liverpool’s reopening match with Everton is scheduled for Sunday, June 21.

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