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Jordan Henderson On the Pride of Being Captain of Liverpool

It’s been a long time coming for the Liverpool skipper.

Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Paul Ellis/Pool via Getty Images

The journey to the top for Jordan Henderson has not gone smoothly. His Liverpool career got off to a rocky start, and he has spent the last eight years in a constant state of having to prove his worth as player and then as the captain.

Those of us who have been who have been staunchly Team Hendo from the beginning have spent the last year doing an extended victory lap as we watched him lift trophy after trophy for our beloved club.

After it became official that Liverpool Football Club secured their first top flight title in 30 years, the skipper went on a media blitz of news programs. He also took the time to sit down with official site for a video that has been uploaded to YouTube.

“I could never in words describe the feeling of winning the Premier League, just like I couldn’t describe winning the Champions League,” he admits. “It’s a unique feeling and one that, again, I’m very proud of. I’ve been so honoured to be part of this football club right from the first moment that I came and to go on the journey to be with this manager, this group of players, these fans – it’s been so special.”

Henderson was part of the 2013-14 team that missed out on the title in a heartbreaking way. He was there last season when the Reds put together a 97 point season and were still runners-up. But finally they done, and done it in style. There was no injury time, last second goal to clinch the award. Instead, this team earned the title by winning. And winning and winning and winning. The title was locked down by the winter, we were all just waiting for math to catch up to reality.

And so what does it mean to Captain Hendo to have helped lead this team back onto their perch?

“A lot!” Henderson laughed. “Like you say, I’ve been close last year, very close, and 2014 I was close again and both [times] lost out to City. So yeah, this does feel really special for me personally but also I’m so happy for my teammates, for the fans, for the club as a whole, because they’ve been waiting so long for this Premier League title. I’m just so proud to be part of this football club and this group of lads; they deserve it, I know how hard they work every day in training.”

And along with the trophy, the team will get to walk into the Etihad next week as champions once again.

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