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Liverpool’s Wait For the Title Gets Longer With Manchester City Win

The big moment, if it comes, won’t be on Wednesday.

Liverpool Fans decorate their houses in club colors Photo by Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images

Fans had hoped that Liverpool’s 30 year wait for a Premier League title would come to an end this week when Liverpool are set to take on Crystal Palace at Anfield. However, the fates weren’t aligned for that to happen. Instead, Liverpool only managed a draw at Goodison Park against rivals Everton. And then today, Manchester City rolled over Burnley 5-0 to prolong the wait.

Knock on wood, because I won’t believe it until I see Jordan Henderson’s adorable trophy shimmy/lift thing on my television screen, but with five points left to go, here are the places where the Reds could potentially win the title.

If they beat Crystal Palace, then their next chance will be the Etihad when they take on the current title holders, Manchester City. Should that not work out, then it’s back home against Aston Villa.

After that, the other away stadiums where Liverpool could take it are Falmer Stadium against Brighton, the Emirates against Arsenal or finally, the last game of the season, at St. James’ Park when they travel to Newcastle.

Despite the empty stadium, doing it at Anfield would still be ideal, but any of those choices will be fine, so long as the Reds bring home number 19.

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