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Jordan Henderson on Keeping “the Swearing Down to a Minimum”

No fans in the stands is going to make it easier than ever to hear the players—which has some a little worried.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

No fans in the stadium when the Premier League returns will make it easier than ever to hear the players and coaches—and that has some of the players worried a little bit. Including Liverpool’s captain Jordan Henderson.

“For the players it will be different playing in a big game in a stadium where there’s no crowd because you can hear everybody talking,” Henderson said in the latest Liverpool FC magazine. “We’ve got to adapt to that situation and try to keep the swearing down to a minimum.

“I’m more worried about my language when I’m playing. I don’t want to be having to apologise to everybody after every single game [and] I’m sure the manager will have to be careful with his language as well.”

It won’t all be swearing and post-match apologies, though—and one would expect a slight broadcast delay to excise anything coming through too clearly, which will hopefully remove any need for anyone to have to say sorry to any children watching.

It should also make it easier for players to hear instructions from the bench, and beyond that, fans or not this is a game these players have been playing all their lives. For the most part, for most of them, the overwhelming feeling is excitement to be getting back to doing that.

“When you were little and you used to play for your school there was no crowd watching,” Henderson added. “So you’ve just got to enjoy your football and appreciate that we are able to go back doing what we love doing.

“I’m sure Liverpool fans are desperate for us to get back playing. Although it will be strange to have no fans, winning the Premier League would be something we’ve dreamed of and something we all want really badly. It won’t take anything away from that.”

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