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Rumour Mongering: It’s Anfield or Nothing for Timo Werner

He has his heart set on Klopp, apparently

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RB Leipzig v Sport-Club Freiburg - Bundesliga Photo by Jan Woitas/Pool via Getty Images

The Bundesliga is back!

That’s great news for those of us craving football to watch and... complicated news for the spread of the virus. What it does mean is that Timo Werner played actual football yesterday. He’s had better days. The attacker was very involved with two shots on target and five key passes, but none of it was especially productive. RB Leipzig had one of those days where chance after chance doesn’t go in.

The other thing the return of the Bundesliga brings is lots of stories about their players and transfers to the Premier League. Here’s one about our endlessly linked man, Timo Werner. David Ornstein of The Athletic claims that Werner’s “wish is to either join Liverpool or stay at Leipzig for a further 12 months and revisit the matter in 2021”.

It is apparently understood that Werner’s release clause this summer is €47.5 million, but this decreases in subsequent years. The attacker is seemingly very keen on joining Liverpool, and his desire is so strong that he’d rather spent another year at Leipzig than consider another club.

David Ornstein is a credible journalist, so this is unlikely to be nonsense. I would wonder a little about this information just so happening to trickle out right as the Bundesliga restarts, but there’s probably a lot of truth in it, too.

It seems pretty obvious that Liverpool are interested in Werner and he does want to come. There’s a huge, very obvious question around the club and every other club in the world’s finances going forward. But that one isn’t for us to ponder. We’re just in it for the transfer gossip, baby!

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