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UEFA President Says “No Way Liverpool End up Without the Title”

Liverpool will win the Premier League title. The only question is how and when it becomes official.

Liverpool FC v Shrewsbury Town - FA Cup Fourth Round: Replay Photo by Visionhaus

The idea of a voided 2019-20 season may be a popular one in some quarters, perhaps most prominently in the digital world amongst Tottenham fans who have spent much of the past decade believing their side had eclipsed the Reds and now see that slipping away.

Aside from those invested in the Reds’ failure like Spurs and Evertonians, though, there seems little question they are the 2019-20 champions of England, a belief backed up by the president of UEFA today. The only question is when and how they’re awarded their prize.

“I see no way Liverpool would end up without the title,” said UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin. “If it is played, theoretically they are not yet guaranteed, but practically it is decided. And if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce results.”

UEFA recently came out strongly in favour of finding a way for the various European leagues to play out the 2019-20 season—and against abandoning it as Belgium’s FA chose to do. Though even in that case and in Chile last year, the league leader received the title.

In both those cases, the two most recent of seasons being abandoned, the league leader had a narrower advantage than Liverpool’s unassailable 25-point lead. Liverpool, then, will win—have already won—the league. The only question now is how it becomes official.

“I do not see a scenario where would not be Liverpool,” Čeferin added. “I understand that fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even at a boardroom table, but I believe they will win the title one way or another.”

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