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Pep Lijnders is Still Focused on Liverpool’s Continued Development

Jürgen Klopp’s number two, electric boogaloo.

Liverpool Warm Weather Training Camp
I really love this picture.
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Beside Jürgen Klopp now for two years, Pep Lijnders has become a fan favorite amongst Liverpool’s coaching staff. The Dutchman speaks easily of his passion for the team he has helped craft at Melwood and projects that enthusiasm well into the cameras.

Lijnders spoke recently to the club’s crack PR team while isolated in his Liverpool home. He is involved with the staff and players daily with Klopp, as are Andreas Kornmeyer and nutritionist Mona Nemmer, with a focus on beginning the post-isolation Premier League restart in tip top shape.

“Right now, health and world cooperation is what counts, what’s most important,” said Lijnders. “But you can’t deny that we can’t wait to start again when the time is right and it is safe to do so. We want to finish and finish in our style, we want to entertain the people, which is the first and most important task in the world of football. That’s our job.

“For the last two years, we have fought each day on an incredible level, so this work ethic is continuing even from home.”

Rest assured that Liverpool haven’t lost any of their drive to win during this break in play. Lijnders’ energy is still focused on further development of the team. He and Klopp have clearly connected in a special way to create a ridiculously good football squad and that relationship and the strong relationships built up between all players and staff at the club give Liverpool a real advantage in the current reality of remote training.

“We will - and we have to - make the next step, never forgetting why we came in this position,” said Pep.

“Other teams will improve and are improving. The way to keep beating them is training with more passion and ambition then they are doing, each single day, each minute of each session.

“Beat them in the week not at the weekend. In modern football, it doesn’t happen much anymore that you can keep a group of super pros together, especially after a successful period.

“Can we keep this passion? Yes! Can we keep this ambition? Yes! Can we keep this hunger for more? Yes! Why? Because of Jürgen.”

Because of Jürgen. Where are the t-shirts?

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