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Jurgen Klopp Still Believes in Room for Improvement for Liverpool

The boss believes that the European, world, and soon to be English champions still have levels yet to reach.

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Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Visionhaus

It is difficult to imagine a better version of these Reds. Prior to the season, there was a feeling that 97 points was the “peak,” despite coming up just short in the league. However, they kicked on to a new level this campaign, winning an astonishing 27 of the 29 matches in the league.

Jurgen Klopp still believes these Reds can somehow improve.

“We will not change [mentality], that’s the first thing,” the boss told Sky Sports in a video interview. “If we will be successful depends what other clubs are doing as well because they all have a chance to improve things, to do things better.

“So I have no clue what the future will hold for us. But we will not change, this team is not a finished article, it’s not done.

“We have a lot of space for improvement and we work on that. We have fresh blood coming up internally, we can mix things through. There are a lot of things we can improve obviously, but we can improve it with this team, which is really great.”

We wouldn’t expect anything else from Kloppo.

Now, whether this mentality will translate to a somehow better on-pitch record is hard to imagine. What more do you want? An undefeated season? No goals conceded? Winning the quadruple?

All of those possible targets are varying degrees of unrealistic when viewed in the cold light of day. And we are very much in the cold light of day territory, here. And as Klopp mentioned, other clubs will no doubt have a say in how well this Liverpool team does once football returns.

Regardless of whether we top 97 points (or whatever we end up with when they crown us champs this season), we can still improve our trophy haul. Winning one European Cup is nice. Winning one Premier League is also great. Winning more of both? In the same year? Now we’re talking.

Ultimately, Klopp’s time at Liverpool will be defined by what he won. In that regard, there are a lot more trophies yet to lift for these Reds. Hopefully play can resume soon, so the best Liverpool side in a generation can get back to the business of lifting shiny things.

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