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LFC Head of Nutrition On Staying Healthy From Home

Mona Nemmer details the creative ways they’re utilizing technology in order to keep the players healthy during the pandemic.

Liverpool FC v CR Flamengo - FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

With social distancing in place and COVID-19 still ravaging Europe and the UK especially, some creativity is required in order to keep the players fit and ready for when the Premier League comes back into our lives.

Mona Nemmer sat down with the official site and talked about some of the ways that she and her team are working with the players while everyone is stuck at home.

“Yeah, we have different ways to approach things,” Nemmer said. “With regard to the delivery systems, the menu or recipe goes out over WhatsApp or any digital channel and the players are able to write down what they need if groceries are missing in the house.

“If players want to cook together it can empower them and their families to socialise, so food has a few meanings: on the one hand, it’s keeping them all happy with what they’re eating because you don’t want bad-tasting food, especially at a time like this! And on the other hand, we don’t know how long we will have to deal with this situation but obviously it’s a fact that it will not just stop and everything will go back to normal.”

So basically it’s Blue Apron meets Instacart, with the players picking their favorite healthy recipes and then getting the necessary ingredients delivered to their doors by the club.

I would, not to be dramatic, kill a man to watch a YouTube show that was just players trying to follow a recipe on their own. Imagine the possibilities.

As for staying in touch, Nemmer explained that they have utilized the whole gambit of communication tools at their disposal.

“With conference calls, it’s just nice seeing a face and it changes the dynamic of a conversation,” she said “There are all kinds of communication tools around, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams and FaceTime calls, of course WhatsApp and also just normal text messages, that we are using. Also we are having a lot of phone calls which is really, really appreciated because I think it’s nicer to ask somebody ‘How are you?’ than to type it out. We are doing a lot.”

It’s interesting to see, as with the rest of world, the way that the club is adapting to this unprecedented situation.

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