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Jürgen Klopp Grateful for “Social Contact and Interaction” During Pandemic

The use of technology to keep in touch in self-isolation has been good for Liverpool—and for society as a whole.

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Liverpool FC Portrait Archive Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Based on the latest chatter, the Premier League will look to have teams training together again by the middle of May as they target an early June return to football—albeit with the games certain to take place behind closed doors.

Until then, though, it’s business as usual. And business as usual right now means isolation, with the clubs relying on video chat sessions to stay in contact and stay fit, something Jürgen Klopp at least says he’s enjoying more than he would have imagined.

“I could have never imagined I would enjoy it that much but it’s just the moment when I see the boys again and that changes everything,” said the Liverpool manager. “For a minute, for an hour, for two hours, however long the sessions are.

“You feel immediately why you miss them so much, because it’s just an exceptional group. You want to be together with them, you want to have them around, you want to be closer to them than you can be. So I enjoy these sessions really a lot.”

Being able to keep in touch, to keep having team training sessions, even while self-isolating during a pandemic has shown that there is real value in some of the technologies people take for granted—or even deride as damaging distractions.

If this had happened even a decade or two ago, Klopp notes, maintaining any kind of regular contact not just as manager and players but as friends and family across society as a whole would have been far more difficult to do.

“That’s the best thing of having this situation in 2020,” he added. “We have this technical opportunity. Imagine if we would have had that in the ‘80s or something like that, it would have been really crazy.

“Not because of football, because of all the social contact and interaction we can have and use in the moment. That makes a big difference.”