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Emre Can Turned Down Manchester United Because Of His Liverpool Past

Well, you can’t say he wasn’t loyal until the end — until that Juventus money came and went, at least.

Liverpool Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s strange, with everything that’s happened since then, to think back on the Emre Can era of Liverpool Football Club. When Liverpool’s midfield was in such a strange place that we relied on Emre Can as our sometimes number 6 and sometimes number 8. The strangest part is remembering that it was just two years ago that we relied on him, until he decided he didn’t want to stick around without a release clause and took that free agency to Juventus for a way bigger pay check.

That Juventus experiment hasn’t turned out so well, as he struggled to find minutes and finds himself currently on loan back in Germany, playing for Borussia Dortmund. At least there he’s gotten some more minutes to try and earn that money and the Bundesliga seems a bit better suited to his talents. But according to German Sky Sports, the Bundesliga wasn’t the only place vying for his talents.

While Google Translate had to be employed, it lines up with what some reporter had been tweeting that not only was the Premier League looking to bring Emre Can back, but Manchester United itself.

It’s a nice sentiment coming from someone who refused a new contract up until the very end and then just took the biggest pay check they could somewhere else, but he did remain loyal up until the end. He tried to stay fit and put in a shift when he was, even making an appearance at that ill fated Champions League final in Kyiv. And all this is to say that he may not return to the Premier League at a later date, depending on how this Juventus experiment pans out, but it’s nice to know that Manchester United gets an automatic denial.

At least, one can hope that it will continue to be that way - even once they begin to turn things around as they are sure to do. At some point. Maybe. For now, Emre Can won’t be helping with that rebuild.

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