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Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson in Epic Battle for Free Kick Supremacy

Or: how to pass the time when there’s no football and you’re self-isolating.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

You might have noticed that there’s no football going on at the moment, what with everyone locked away indoors doing the social distancing thing while the world (mostly) tries to get a handle on the whole coronavirus pandemic.

That’s left us all with rather a lot of extra time on our hands. And in this case, said us includes football players in self-isolation, trying to stay sharp stuck at home, only in touch with coaches and teammates in the digital realm.

Which at least does have the occasional upside, like getting to see Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson’s epic (okay it may not actually be epic) battle (or impromptu spot of banter) for free kick supremacy (it probably won’t be that).

We start with Trent proving he’s staying sharp.

Bang. Right in the... oversized ornamental flower pot? Backyard fire pot? Abandoned cement mixer? Whatever. He’s staying sharp and throwing down the gauntlet is what matters.

Which Andy Robertson then picked up, smashing a couple of proper (and smaller) top corner targets and declaring himself the club’s new free kick specialist.

Virgil van Dijk, for one, was impressed and appears to have taken sides in the matter.

Trent, on the other hand, claimed Robbo’s kicks would have hit the wall. Though for that matter, we’re not entirely convinced the young Scouser’s would have cleared one, either.

In any case, mostly we’re happy to have passed a few more minutes and to now be a few minutes closer to football returning (maybe?).

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