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Troy Deeney on Liverpool’s Greatness

The Watford striker recently handed out some free kudos to the Reds.

Watford FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Watford are so far the only team to have beaten Liverpool in the Premier League this season. We don’t need to get all into that now. But I remember it was not a nice feeling.

The game marked a low point in the club’s dip in form that began at Norwich City back in mid-March and continued right up until the season was suspended. Our friend Troy Deeney bagged an assist and was the scorer of Watford’s third and final goal against Liverpool that day.

Deeney was recently asked to comment on the current state of the 19/20 season after its further postponement until April 30th. He insisted that completing the schedule is the just thing to do while also tipping his cap to Liverpool’s mentality monsters.

“I don’t know when or how but we’ve got to finish it, just to get a fair outcome,” said Deeney.

“If you ‘null and void’ it, Liverpool are wounded.

“Everyone wants to see them win it now, they’ve been great.”

It has certainly been an exceptional season to be a Liverpool supporter. Despite some unfortunate results over the passed month, Jürgen Klopp is still expected to bring the Premier League trophy home for the first time in the club’s history, following a record-breaking campaign.

Before the season was put on hold and the derby with Everton loomed, it was far from certain the Blues would easily succumb to a Liverpool onslaught. Klopp’s team were both missing a spark and lacking enough sharpness to squeeze through the many packed defenses they faced in the previous weeks..

When the football matches are ultimately resumed and we can all enjoy our lives again, Everton will be first on the calendar. We can only guess at the fitness levels of either team or any team when that day finally comes.

It will be a Saturday filled with big occasions across Europe. For Liverpool, it will be a chance to begin again in top form as they did back in August. A win at Goodison won’t be Liverpool’s only opportunity to step even closer to the league title but it would be one hell of a way to kick off a dominant run to close out a wild and unprecedented season.

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