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Klopp Talk: We Will Go Again

The boss has some thoughts about Liverpool and the remaining games.

Watford FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Listen. It’s not the end of the world. So Arsenal keep the title of “Invincibles”. What else do they have to cling to these days, anyway? Let them have it.

Here’s what Liverpool in 2020 have: a record-breaking number of points, 22 points more than the second team in the league, and my undying love and devotion. Also, the boss’ pride and joy, which is hardly something to sneeze at.

“We criticise them all the time, we criticised them after the United game, the Leicester game, the Man City game – criticism is not somebody telling you are too silly to play football, criticism is telling somebody what went wrong,” Klopp said when asked if he was going to criticise the team after this weekend’s 3-0 defeat against Watford. “That’s what we do constantly and we will not change that now because of that. I know maybe a little bit which direction your question goes, but how I said: we win a game and after the game the boys immediately get a five-minute summary of what I have seen already or what is still in my mind about the game. Everybody can then leave the dressing room straight because I am not shouting at them, I didn’t do it today, I didn’t do it after other games, but criticism can happen all the time. We never stopped being critical with ourselves.”

“I am not celebrating a 44-game run—I am not interested, but I know things like this are really difficult because the boys have to beat everything: each little pain, big time, each inner voice, each voice from outside, stuff like this, the influence from everywhere – you cannot lose anymore, you cannot do all that stuff,” he added. “That’s the world so we have to stay on track. What the boys did so far is exceptional, but it is not over. That is the only thing I am interested in, it’s not over. We will go again, I promise 100 per cent and then we will see where it leads us to.”

“We didn’t expect the number of games we won but we are not that surprised that it’s possible because the boys showed last year already a pretty impressive season. But it was never easy, it will never be easy so now let’s carry on.”

Liverpool will meet Chelsea in the 5th round of the FA Cup on Tuesday, and then face Bournemouth on the 7th of March.

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