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Premier League Season Rumoured to Finish in Autumn

It’s a suggestion

Premier League Matches Called Off Over Coronavirus Concerns Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

So you may have heard there’s this coronavirus thing going around. Seems pretty bad.

So bad, in fact, that top level football in Europe just isn’t happening right now. It’s terrible news for those of us writing Liverpool news stories, and not great for the club itself.

Liverpool are all but six points away from the title. But no games are being played right now. The proposal, according to The Independent, is to conclude the season between July and September.

The upside for all involved would be that playing the fixtures prevents loss of income from simply writing them off. Obviously we here have partisan concerns.

“A July-September finish has so far proven the most-discussed option”, the report claims.

“The only issue is that Uefa will on Tuesday attempt to bring the entire calendar into line, and try and make it so all of Europe is in step.

“That could override any Premier League plans, especially if a July-September finish proves impossible in some countries.”

Look, we all want to play these games out. Let’s hope it can be sorted soon.

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