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Fabinho: We Can Do More

Fabinho believes that Liverpool are not done improving.

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Champions League: Atletico De Madrid V Liverpool Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / AFP7 / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

Sure Liverpool boast a near flawless record in the Premier League. Sure they’re currently 22 points ahead of the nearest team on the table. But Fabinho, like his teammates and his coach, isn’t satisfied.

In an interview with the official site, the Brazilian midfielder discussed Liverpool’s potentially record-breaking season and how they can keep moving forward.

“When we say ‘we’re only thinking about the next game’, we’re not lying,” Fabinho promised. “I think in the last game against West Ham, we equalled Manchester City’s record of consecutive victories, but a lot of the players weren’t aware of it until after the game when we found out this information. It’s a great achievement, but we’re a very ambitious team and know there is room for improvement.

“We know we won the last game with a great turnaround, but there were things that could have been avoided, things that could have been done better. I think that’s normal for a team that has this desire to improve, that maintains very high standards. Even after we win, we reflect on what could have been done better and we think no further ahead than the next game.”

Part of the challenge of maintaining such a pristine league record is that Liverpool have become the league’s white whale — every other opponent wants to be the one to bring us down. So far Manchester United have been the only team to take points from us this season (don’t think about it, Steph. Don’t think about it), but there’s a line of team behind them looking to make the headlines.

Fabinho knows that their fight at the top is a different sort of battle, but still one that could prove difficult.

“I think every opponent wants to beat Liverpool,” Fabinho said. “We’ve done a great job up until now, still unbeaten in the league, but as the manager said all the teams are fighting for something.

“Watford are fighting to get out of the relegation places, other clubs are fighting to get into Europe and in our case, we’re fighting to win the league. All games are difficult, but with this added touch of necessity and emotion, we’ll be facing some really difficult games coming up. We’ll need to give our everything to continue the good work we’ve been doing until now.”

With a win against Watford today, Liverpool could set the Premier League record for most wins in a row and once again be cruising 25 points ahead of Manchester City. Fabinho is expected to start as the Reds continue their push for the title.

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