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Fabinho Reveals the Secrets Behind Liverpool’s “Intensity”

The midfielder opened up about the club’s recent run of success.

Liverpool v Chelsea: UEFA Super Cup Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

Since signing for Liverpool, Fabinho has only seen the Reds lose one league game, against Manchester City on January 3rd of 2019. It’s a remarkable run for the team and player both, and something he was asked about this week by El Pais.

“Since I arrived here, Liverpool has only lost that match,” he replied. “That is not explained because I play, but by the strength of the team. Because of our intensity, we almost always play well. Here it is a requirement of the coaches.

“They help you improve and want more. And the players work on and off the field to be ready. So it is easiest in the matches matches. Here they are always ready to fight. The fact that we have been winning also gives a lot of confidence.”

It’s hardly a secret, of course, that intensity has been key to Liverpool’s growth. Their workrate, their determination, their indefatigability. They seem, even now, like a side that always has something more it needs to prove.

Still, to hear a player say that, most of the time at least, the intensity of this squad can often make training more difficult than the matches they then play is a surprise. Though it’s no surprise who Fabinho cites as the driving force behind that.

“[Jordan] Henderson and [James] Milner know how to transmit it,” was Fabinho’s response when asked who it is in the squad that pushes the team on day in and day out. The team is receptive because it is very professional.”

However, while Henderson and Milner might seem the easy and obvious answers, Fabinho is quick to point out that what Liverpool are doing now only works because everybody buys in, including the club’s biggest names and flashiest stars.

“I know professionalism presupposes it,” he added, “but it’s incredible the three stars, [Sadio] Mané, [Mohamed] Salah, and [Roberto] Firmino, are inexhaustible. They’re every day an hour before in the gym. They always want more.”

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