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Alexander-Arnold: We’ve Got a Job To Do

The defender says they have to put aside their feelings about the Estadio Metropolitano to get the job done against Atletico Madrid.

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Liverpool FC Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

There will be sweet memories when Liverpool return to the Estadio Metropolitano on Tuesday for the round of 16 Champions League game against Atletico Madrid. The Estadio Metropolitano was the site of last season’s Champions League victory against Tottenham Hotspur.

Now they’re back for the first knockout round match of their title defense when they take on Deigo Simeone’s side.

Trent Alexander-Arnold knows that it’s important to put past victories aside in order to get the job done on Tuesday.

“Obviously it holds good memories for us where a lot of our dreams came true, but for us we can’t focus too much on the past,” Alexander-Arnold said.

”We’ve got a job to do tomorrow. Our aim is to hopefully win these type of trophies and keep going in each type of competition as much as possible.

”Our next step is to try and get a result tomorrow and we know it will be difficult. That’s where our focus is at and we’re not focused on what happened in June, we’re focused on what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

It’s hard to imagine that the players won’t be up for the challenge that Atletico Madrid pose. They’ve faced down every challenge that has come their way this season, and at this point victory seems inevitable whenever these players step onto the pitch.

Or as Alexander-Arnold put it: “In terms of changing the focus, nothing has really changed for us because we go into every game with the same mentality that we respect the opponent as much as we can. We understand that we’re a really good side and that if our mentality is right and commitment is right in the game then we have a chance. Whether that be in any competition we take part in, we’re confident going into the game.”

Hopefully on Tuesday the Reds will leave the Spanish capital with even more good memories from the Estadio Metropolitano.

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