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Liverpool to Reorganize Medical Staff Following Departures

The Reds will be hiring in the near future.

Liverpool v Cardiff City - Premier League Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images

It has been well-documented in recent years just how committed Liverpool are to teasing out every advantage possible as they compete with the various oil moneyed, big spenders both domestically and across the continent, with the Reds investing in specialists in fields as diverse as diet, sports psychology and throw-ins, to name a few.

One fundamental aspect of running a successful sports team, though, is making sure your best players are healthy and available as often as possible, and after a rough start to his Liverpool tenure, in which Jürgen Klopp learned just how tired and vulnerable hamstrings get from the ridiculous Premier League winter schedule, the club made adjustments, appointing a medical staff that has been remarkably successful at their main task over the past three years.

That backroom consistency has served the Reds well, but now, it appears a bit of upheaval is on the cards, as both physiotherapist — and former player — Richie Partridge and head of medical services Doctor Andrew Massey are set to leave the club, taking up new positions with the Qatar national team and FIFA, respectively.

The Reds will hope that their upcoming staff recruitment will be as successful as the club’s business in the transfer market in recent years, and while there are currently no leads on who their next physiotherapist will be, the air is rife with speculation that Arsenal’s Gary O’Driscoll has been tagged as Massey’s replacement. Coming off experience with the English and Irish national rugby teams, O’Driscoll will be no stranger to grueling physical demands, and will hopefully perform as well or better than his predecessor.

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