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Watch: Virgil van Dijk Posts Injury Update

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Have some holiday magic from Big Virg.

Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Virgil van Dijk continues his slow rehabilitation after knee surgery. The defender has been training in a sporting complex in Dubai, and on Monday, he posted a video on Instagram showing his progress.

Van Dijk was put out of commission back in October during the Merseyside derby by Jordan Pickford, persona non-grata to the Red half of Liverpool. While it’s unlikely that he’ll return this season, fans hold out some hope that his recovery will be speedy and effective.

The video montage was captioned ‘step by step’ and includes images of him working out and moving onto weightlifting, which is progress from the last update he posted a few weeks back.

You’ll excuse us if our hearts jumped a little at the sight of van Dijk gently passing a football with his injured leg. But it’s the holiday season, and we’re allowed by get emotional when one of the best players on the planet gets a little closer to returning to the pitch.

Crucially, though Liverpool have been without both him and Joe Gomez, they will still be at the top of the table come Christmas, which is a considerable feat given the circumstances.