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Sadio Mane Pays Tribute to Fan Through Pitch Celebration

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The man warms our hearts in new ways every week.

Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Sadio Mane scored a 35th minute belter for Liverpool in yesterday’s 7-0 win against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. But he had another special contribution to the game that fulfilled a promise he had made to a fan last month.

Back in November, Mane interacted with a Liverpool fan Lee Swan, and asked if Lee had any celebrations that he wanted Mane to “copy” on the pitch - a reference to the running joke that Mane frequently copies Bobby Firmino’s goal celebrations. Mane said, “You know me, I like to copy celebrations. If you have any celebrations, show me now.” Swan then showed Mane a celebration in which he kissed his finger and then pointed to the to the sky, a tribute to his late grandfather.

And sure enough, Mane delivered last evening, performing Lee’s celebration, a moment that has been appreciated by fans all around. Lee is a volunteer at a community center and has been a long-term Reds supporter.

Mane had also arranged for Lee to tour Anfield, and Lee went on to score a goal on the pitch after which he performed his celebration.

“Giving Lee the tour was a highlight of lockdown. He is a real character and it was a pleasure to help him realise his dream of scoring at Anfield”, Mane had said after the visit, and his gesture last night was a fitting tribute to fans like Lee and his grandfather who form an important part of the club’s wider community.