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Klopp on Mourinho Touchline Spat: “I Don’t Know What He Means”

I believe this is the German middle-aged version of “u mad bro”? Or is Klopp just doing a Neboneid?

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

If there’s been anything that’s been constant about Jürgen Norbert Klopp’s relationship is Jose Mourinho since the former took charge of Liverpool FC, it’s that if there’s a rivalry, it’s very one-sided. Two defeats to Klopp’s Liverpool have ended Mourinho’s stints at two clubs. This time around, a top of the table clash ended with a dramatic Roberto Firmino game winner, and Jose was back to his usual antagonistic self again. As the game ended, Mourinho exchanged words with Klopp on the touchline, and afterwards, he accused the big German of “bad behaviour” on the touchline.

If I behave the same way he does on the touchline, I do not stay there. That’s animated? For some reason I am different. That is the only thing I say.

Everything is fine between us. The referees let him behave the way he does. It’s not my problem. I feel sad for it because I can not do it but it’s just the way it is.

I told him (Klopp) the best team lost and he disagreed, but that’s his opinion.

It must be said that this is the same man who ran the length of a pitch to celebrate a goal, but I digress. When asked about it, Klopp reacted with a mix of confusion and bemusement, but preferred to discuss the events that had just taken place on the pitch:

I don’t know what he means. He said to me, the best team lost. Nothing serious, he said it himself so I don’t have to repeat it. No argument.

Overall it was a good game against a counter-attacking monster, the possession we had we did incredibly well. Yes they have scored a goal, had two chances, apart from that we controlled the game and it is a massively deserved three points and I am happy.

For me, it is offside (the Spurs goal). They watch it 20 times, but when I saw it, it is offside. There is nobody to blame, the best way to defend Tottenham is to keep the ball all the time.

It was just a really good game and I am so happy we scored that goal because it felt like 70% of the ball against a top side. Bobby (Firmino), what a header, I am over the moon for him. What a game he played, those movements, he opens up all the other gaps.

Spurs have put themselves in position for a title charge, and it seems Jose is back to his feisty old self. Imaginary non-injury lists and touchline spats are just part of his standard and stale routine. Klopp is rightfully responding with a shrug of the shoulders, and “eh?”.

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