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Salah Reflects on 100 Liverpool Goals

He’s does alright here on Merseyside.

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Atalanta BC v Liverpool FC: Group D - UEFA Champions League Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Mohamed Salah is a bit good. I know this is controversial, but we here at TLO Towers have never shied away from the truth.

Mo Salah is a bit good, and the 100 goals he’s scored so far in his Liverpool career are a testament to that fact. That he’s achieved this particular milestone after only 159 appearances would be a matter of pride for most players, but Salah thinks he could have done better.

“I wish I could be the fastest one! But the third-fastest one is not bad,” he reflected.

“It’s always great to score goals. 100 goals for Liverpool is something really special. I’m always looking for something to really help the team win games, that’s the most important thing: the team’s target. I’m very proud of something like that.”

To underscore this dedication to the team effort, Salah had some kind words about his teammate and attacking partner, Roberto Firmino, who has been coming under some scrutiny recently.

“Bobby is a really important player for us,” he said.

“He gave the club four or five years of his best. He has been unbelievable. Without him we couldn’t win the Champions League or Premier League, he sacrificed himself for the team and the way he plays, he gives us more chances to score.

“He has been an unbelievable player, inside and outside the field.

“Whoever plays will give his best because we are a team, we are here to help each other. I’m looking forward to that.”

We look forward to Salah getting his next 100 goals in the seasons to come.

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