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Trent Alexander-Arnold Says Liverpool “Enjoy Playing Three Games a Week”

Fixture congestion is a legitimate problem for English football, but at this point the Reds are at least used to it.

Liverpool v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Chloe Knott - Danehouse/Getty Images

Fixture congestion is a common complaint amongst fans and players alike when it comes to English football, and with the 2020-21 season compressed due to the coronavirus pandemic things are looking more congested than they usually do in November.

Two games a week, every week, and occasionally three within a seven day period is usually something that doesn’t happen until the busy December run, but this season we’re already into the thick of it—and have been from the very start. Not that everyone minds.

“For me personally, I enjoy the fact of playing three games a week,” was Trent Alexander-Arnold’s take as the Reds prepare for another mid-week Champions League tie. “The games coming thick and fast, when you’ve got momentum there’s nothing better.

“It’s tough physically to recover quickly but that’s part of the job and I think we’re all used to it now. We’ve been doing it for about three years, playing so many games, the relentless fixtures. We go through the same routines and make sure we’re ready.”

With Liverpool also involved in the Club World Cup last season, things were getting similarly busy earlier than normal last season, too—and despite that, the Reds still found a way to keep grinding out results on the way to a league title winning, 99-point season.

The negatives of fixture congestion and the fact that Liverpool more than some other clubs are probably used to it at this point doesn’t mean it isn’t a legitimate issue. Still, if it’s the reality of the current season, it’s a reality they should be equipped for.

“Obviously the last year on the whole has been strange for everyone so it’s a little bit different,” Alexander-Arnold added,” but the fact of still trying to recover and making sure that you’re ready physically and mentally for games is still the same.”

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