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Trent Alexander-Arnold Ready to Succeed “No Matter the Setbacks”

The 22-year old Super Right-back talks about being mentally and physically ready to adapt in any situation.

Liverpool FC - Press Conference And Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

22-year old child wonder Trent Alexander-Arnold recently made 100 Premier League appearances for Liverpool football club. And he’s picked up a few lessons, grown a bit wiser, and is ready to take on more responsibility.

“It’s a dream really. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of. Something you can only dream of as a kid is to make 100 Prem games and you never expect to do so. But it’s an amazing achievement for myself, I’m proud of myself and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Without a lot of help along the way from a lot of people, I’d never be able to make it this far,” he said.

The squad has been plagued by injuries in recent weeks, and has gone through the humiliation of losing 7-2 to Aston Villa in a one-off bizarre Premier League game. Yet the famed “mentality giants” have clawed their way out of every possible hole, and now find themselves merely at the top of the Premier League table and the top of their Champions league group. Wonders abound.

Characteristic of the same mentality giants, Trent is unfazed by the setbacks, saying, “That’s part of football, you’ve got to adapt to situations because it’s never going to be the same team every week, it’s never going to be ideal. You’ve got to be ready mentally and physically to adapt in any given situation. The way that we went about it, the mentality the manager has instilled in us over the last few years has definitely helped us to be able to adapt in any situation.”

“I think there’s many important games where we’ve missed some very important players and we’ve still been able to come out ahead. I think that’s obviously happening right now.

“Obviously missing Virgil, a massive player for us, and it’s been probably one of the weirdest tests that we’ve had because since he’s come in, I don’t think he’s really missed any minutes of football. For him to not be with us is something we haven’t really experienced, but it’s a new experience and something we’ve had to adapt to.”

Asked about the team’s ability to bounce back after the various obstacles, he added, “We’ve felt like that for maybe the last few years – all that matters is the circle that we’re in, the team we’re in. People have opinions and say stuff like that. But especially now knowing that we can achieve these things and we can go far in the Champions League, we can go far in the title race gives us that belief that anything can happen. No matter what the setbacks are, no matter what players we lose through injury and whatever, we’re still able to achieve these things.”

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