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Tottenham Star Lambasts FA After Joe Gomez’ Injury

He’s right, you know.

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

With yet another onslaught of injuries to add to the the already ridiculously long list, it’s probably well worth spending some time listening to footballers themselves take the powers that be to task for the absolute chaos of this season. Tottenham’s Eric Dier had a lot to say to the Daily Star after watching Joe Gomez succumb to a knee injury during training with the England team last week.

“I’ve watched a team-mate of mine three days ago injure himself - by himself - in training. It was terrible,” Dier said this weekend. “It’s really difficult to understand [what’s happening with scheduling]. Something needs to be done around the scheduling. It’s confusing. It’s really not nice seeing people getting injured.

“Almost weekly, you are seeing multiple injuries in the Premier League. I don’t know what the stats are - but I’m sure they’re up from before because it seems like it’s constantly happening.”

We’re two months into the season and Liverpool have already played 15 games. The number of injuries the Reds have seen are also far more than this time last year. It goes without saying that the pace of the season is unsustainable and that something needs to be done.

“I don’t understand why they aren’t trying to help our teams in Europe to be in a better position to perform in the Premier League - and protect the players’ welfare,” Dier added. “If you look across every other league, they look after clubs. I don’t understand why we don’t in England.”

Since Dier’s comments were made, both Andy Robertson and Jordan Henderson have sustained injuries during international duty. We still don’t know about the extent of both their injuries, but the fact that this keeps happening is getting ridiculous.

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