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Andy Robertson on Liverpool’s Draw with Everton: We Created Enough Chances

A fair judgement of a frustrating day.

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Everton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool got a whole lot of VAR nonsense and were unable to take all three points against Everton.

The injuries to Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Alcantara will likely be bigger and more defining to the season than the result itself. But it’s nonetheless still a frustrating scoreline on an occasion where Liverpool could’ve certainly won. Andy Robertson felt much the same way.

“It’s obviously disappointing and I think we’ll be the more disappointed team,” the left back told the official Liverpool site.

“The game was there for us today, we created enough chances. We thought we had nicked it at the end and then I think Sadio’s toenail was maybe offside but that’s what VAR brings. Onside, offside, it’s clear, so unfortunately it doesn’t matter the margin, he’s offside.

“It’s always tough to take when you think you’ve won it and you are that close and things like that. But we take a point and we move on.

“I thought we were a lot better today. We were a lot better, we were more confident, we played our football, we pressed them, we were in their faces, we kept the ball really well and created chances. So, on another day we might have been further ahead before what happened, happened. We’ll take the draw and move on to the next game.”

Speaking of the late disallowed winner, Robertson added that “I looked when Thiago played the ball and I thought [Sadio] could be or couldn’t be [offside]”.

“But you’ve just scored the winner in the derby – we think – and you can’t not celebrate it. You then just wait for the decision and obviously the referee took a long time over it so we knew it was going to be a close one and usually when they take that long we know it’s sadly not going to go in our favour. Look, it is what it is and we move on from it.”

Move on from it. That’s what Liverpool must do now. We go again.

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