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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Could Be Interested in Jack Butland

It’s a curious one, this.

Stoke City v Bristol City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images

The transfer window is closed, mostly.

Liverpool are strong at the goalkeeper position, mostly.

And so everyone puts two and two together. Adrian has a shocker against Aston Villa while Alisson’s injury problems increasingly feel like a concern. Premier League clubs are still allowed to sign players from the Championship. It’s the international break so there’s not much to write about. Here we go etc etc.

Jack Butland was rumoured to join Liverpool way back in 2018 before Alisson arrived. Maybe Michael Edwards et al genuinely think he’s good. The Mirror report that Butland is in line for a move. The report seems to be largely conjecture than anything concrete, but stranger things have happened.

Look, Adrian’s form and Alisson’s fitness are real concerns. It seems like it could be a critical factor in the season. But this one just doesn’t feel right to me. Butland is fine. He’s a decent shot stopper, but he isn’t all that with his feet, which has been one of Adrian’s biggest concerns. I don’t see how bringing him in is necessarily an improvement.

The Liverpool Echo attempted to stop this one in its tracks, claiming they understand “Liverpool will not be signing another goalkeeper before the domestic transfer window closes on October 16 with the Reds having zero interest in Butland”. The Echo called it wrong on Thiago, so I’m maybe a little bit more sceptical on them than I used to be. But this story just doesn’t pass the sniff test anyway.

Liverpool will continue on with Alisson and Adrian. The most likely scenario is still that Alisson comes back and plays most games. Adrian might cost us a few more goals here and there if he plays. But it doesn’t seem like the club will dip into a limited market for anyone.

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