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Andy Robertson’s Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Liverpool Assist Machine

The Liverpool left back explores the minutiae of his crossing process. 20-minute intermission.

Liverpool v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images

So much of Liverpool’s attacking play comes down the flanks. Jürgen Klopp wants his fullbacks to charge into space ahead of them and provide width in the build-up. Both of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson routinely launch themselves forward into the opposition’s half looking for an opportunity to cross a ball into the box.

The two marauding fullbacks have amassed plenty of assists over the passed few seasons. So far, this season they’ve collected a total of 16 assists. Trent has an outstanding 10, while Robertson has 6.

Andy was recently involved in a crossing challenge and asked about his technique. The Scotland international provided a couple of tips and described a particularly well-struck assist against a certain London club as one of his faves.

“When I run onto it, I’m looking for that gap between the defenders and the goalkeeper,” said Robertson.

“I know as a defender that is the space you do not want to have to defend.

“When I’m running full pelt I try and lean back a wee bit, because I’m quite ‘over’ the ball when I run. So leaning back just helps give it a bit of lift.

”You know when you hit a sweet one. One that stands out was Tottenham at home from last season, I got it out of my feet and caught it perfectly and luckily Bobby Firmino was able to get on the end of it to score.”

Robertson went on to suggest that, while any number of Liverpool’s attacking players could get on the end of one of his crosses, he was partial to targeting just two.

“For me, it’s always Firmino or Mo,” said Robertson. “I know Sadio will probably hate me for that but.. !

“If I can beat the first man, I know somebody’s got a decent chance of getting on the other end of it so I always look for the middle to the back of the goal.

”It is amazing to have great strikers in there and you know if you put a good ball in, it’s got a chance.

“Our midfielders like chipping in as well, Henderson’s always running in at the back post and I try and find him, I haven’t quite mastered that yet but me and him are working on it!”.

Don’t feel too bad for Sadio Mané, though. The African Player of the Year is a frequent target of both Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson when either are crossing in from the right side.

Look for the space, strike the ball perfectly into that space, have Roberto Firmino or Mohamed Salah enter that space at the perfect time and connect perfectly with the ball to score a goal. If you or someone you know dreams of becoming a world-class fullback, you’re welcome.

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