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Sadio Mane Reminds Us That No One Wants To Win More Than Him

The Liverpool winger has been in stellar form this season. And he wants to win all the big, shiny things.

Liverpool FC Training Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

This Liverpool side is incredible. This is not breaking news.

It would have been the easiest thing in the world for this team to fall apart after losing the Champions League final in Kiev. We’ve—eh-hem—seen it with other teams. But no, they responded with an unrivaled hunger, responding with a 97-point league season and bringing home Ol’ Big Ears.

This would have sated the desire of other, lesser teams. Not this Liverpool side. They looked at each other and said, “Winning things is great, how about we just win all the games?” And they saw it, and it was good.

If any single player can be singled out for being the hungriest for success, Sadio Mane has to be near the top of any such list. And in an interview with the official site, Mane talks about this experience of wanting to win.

“For sure we achieved things and we want to achieve more and big things with this club,” Mane said. “We want to win trophies – Premier League, Champions League again, which won’t be easy, we all know that.

“But what you have seen in these last few years, everything is possible and we can do it and do it again. We just need to be hungry in a good way and push ourselves until the end.

“When we lost the [Champions League] final against Real Madrid... I think from that everything changed and we said to ourselves, ‘It’s possible’. We also have a young team and from that I think everything changed.

“We got more belief and we get more confidence and we said, ‘Everything is possible, why not try? We all want to win things, so why can’t we make it together and do it?’ I think that’s working very well.”

Working very well is a bit of an understatement from the Senegalese striker. Indeed, this team is doing things no other European side have done, and might just go down as one of the greatest ever English sides, if they can continue this breathtaking form until the end of the season.

Of course, that battle starts again tonight against Wolves. Up Sadio, and up the Reds.

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